Lollapalooza – Year 3

At the start of this month Sharla, Althea, Hanna, and some non-cafedamourians took off to Chicago for the music festival extravaganza that is LOLLAPALOOZA!

lollapalooza_logo1This was our 3rd annual trip to Chicago, and I think we’re really starting to get into the swing of things down there. We stayed at a hotel directly across from the park, which cut 40 minutes out of our commute every day, and I think made a huge difference! We were even able to pop back to the hotel for a nap, or crackers, or even just to avoid the portapotties.

Sharla’s highlights include… the Puffs of Doom


 It was a cream puff with chocolate peanut butter ice cream draped in EVEN MORE CHOCOLATE! nom nom nom nom

Sharla was also excited about seeing NINE INCH NAILS, THE CURE, LANA DEL REY, TEGAN & SARAH, and MUMFORD AND SONS. DADA LIFE crushed it!

Althea was most excited to see EMELI SANDE, JESSIE WARE, BEN HOWARD, THE KILLERS, and ALEX CLARE –  who she didn’t even realize was performing until she, Sharla, and their friend Daniel showed up at the end of the set just in time to catch Althea’s favorite song of his. Crazy Lollapalooza timing!

Jessie Ware


Mad props to our customer Humphrey who suggested we see Shovels & Rope. They were an amazing husband and wife team who just owned every inch of the Redbull Stage!

To sum up – Lollapalooza was amazing, and while we’re all sad that it’s over we are all really excited to see what Lolla 2014 has in store.


2nd Annual Contest D’Amour Winners

On Friday we drew winners in our 2nd Annual Contest D’Amour. This contest is based around the Winnipeg Folk Festival, which started today.

This year we gave away a full 5-day festival pass with quiet camping, 2 single-day tickets courtesy of KING OF THE MOVERS, 3 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Prize Packs, and Cafe D’Amour branded stainless steel tumblers along with Cafe D’Amour gift cards.

We had an amazing response to the contest, and we are so thankful to everyone who participated! We look forward to having many, many more contests in the future.

Now, the winners…

Winning an Arbonne Pamper Pack was Geoff

Getting $10 gift cards were Dave and Dana

Getting stainless steel tumblers with $5 gift cards were Sue-Anne and Sandy

Winning the 3 Bombers Prizes were Stolo, Melissa, and Javier

The Single-day Winnipeg Folk Fest Tickets courtesy of KING OF THE MOVERS, and Cafe D’Amour stainless steel tumblers went to Phil and Lori

And the grand prize of a FULL 5-DAY WINNIPEG FOLK FEST PASS WITH CAMPING went to Chelsea

Thank you again for making our contest a success, and congratulations to our winners!

It’s Happening! Uptown Aidan Brown is Coming to Cafe D’Amour

Months ago, when Uptown Aidan Brown (real name Aidan Ritchie) first visited us we were excited at the prospect of him performing in-house for us and all our lovely customers (that’s you!)

Well now we can actually CONFIRM that Aidan will be stopping by in the VERY near future to delight us with an intimate concert.

Aidan sent me some links to share with everyone, a little bit of a taste of what we can expect from him.


Aidan will be stopping by sometime next week, but in the true spirit of the wandering minstrel we don’t know quite when it’ll be.

Keep an eye out for more details, and stop in often!

Enjoy the sunshine!

July Talks Because of You

Last week Sharla and I (and 7 of our friends) went to see July Talk in concert at the West End Cultural Centre and it. was. amazing!

We were introduced to this new band through Sharla’s friend Kory, and have been listening to them nonstop since. We like to describe their sound as a cross between Tom Waits and Metric.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, stop whatever it is you are doing and listen. Right now!

July Talk – I’ve Rationed Well / Paper Girl

The band hung out in the lobby after their show and were gracious enough to sign CDs, take pictures, and chat with their fans.  Guitarist/keyboardist Ian was even cool enough to break into a little robot song & dance with Sharla.

They’re awesome, they’re Canadian, and they rock. What more could you need or want?

July Talk is Cafe D’Amour APPROVED!


In the Bleak Mid-Winter

2016 is off to a great start!

Café D’Amour’s hours for the rest of winter are as follows, so pay close attention! There may or may not be a quiz after… (There won’t be)

Monday: 7am – 5pm

Tuesday: 7am – 5pm

Wednesday: 7am – 5pm

(Are you sensing a trend here?)

Thursday: 7am – 5pm

Friday: 7am – 5pm

Saturday: 7am – 5pm

Sunday: 10am – 4pm

(That was quite a curveball we threw on Sunday, wasn’t it?)

We hope you choose to make Café D’Amour your coffee destination!

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