A Serendipitous Opportunity


Do you ever wonder at the timing of things that happen in your life? Have you ever had an opportunity that seemed to come at exactly the right time?

That’s how I feel about StickerYou‘s Make it Better small business contest.

As Café D’Amour approaches its 5th anniversary I look around at this beautiful little shop that I love so much and wish there was more I could do for it.

It’s hard on your own to figure out the best way to make a big impact with little time and limited resources (the reality of small-business). If I can only do one thing to improve Café D’Amour what would be best? Where should I focus? Where do I start?

With these thoughts swimming around in the back of my mind I opened my inbox to see an email waiting for me. “StickerYou wants to help a small business with a location makeover, product labels, decals, and media exposure – all valued at $10,000”

StickerYou, I want that too!

If we win this contest it will mean that Café D’Amour can enter into its next year of business (our FIFTH anniversary is January 3rd!) looking and feeling all shiny and new. Imagine our front wall of windows filled with beautiful graphics! Imagine the crisp lines and clear writing of new menu boards! Imagine a space that reflects all the love it holds within! (Is that cheesy? – I’m sorry, I can’t help it, I love this place so much)

Being involved with StickerYou’s contest so far has made me more aware of how much potential there is in our little 650 square foot space, and that’s been a gift in and of itself.

If you would like to help us increase our chances of winning please vote for us using the link below!

Vote for Café D’Amour!


2nd Annual Contest D’Amour Winners

On Friday we drew winners in our 2nd Annual Contest D’Amour. This contest is based around the Winnipeg Folk Festival, which started today.

This year we gave away a full 5-day festival pass with quiet camping, 2 single-day tickets courtesy of KING OF THE MOVERS, 3 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Prize Packs, and Cafe D’Amour branded stainless steel tumblers along with Cafe D’Amour gift cards.

We had an amazing response to the contest, and we are so thankful to everyone who participated! We look forward to having many, many more contests in the future.

Now, the winners…

Winning an Arbonne Pamper Pack was Geoff

Getting $10 gift cards were Dave and Dana

Getting stainless steel tumblers with $5 gift cards were Sue-Anne and Sandy

Winning the 3 Bombers Prizes were Stolo, Melissa, and Javier

The Single-day Winnipeg Folk Fest Tickets courtesy of KING OF THE MOVERS, and Cafe D’Amour stainless steel tumblers went to Phil and Lori

And the grand prize of a FULL 5-DAY WINNIPEG FOLK FEST PASS WITH CAMPING went to Chelsea

Thank you again for making our contest a success, and congratulations to our winners!

Arbonne Party

On November 15th, Cafe D’Amour is happy to host an Arbonne Party. Join us for a night of conversation, communing, and of course, trying a variety of new creams and moisturizers. The event will begin at 9 and end after hours at around 10. We look forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces in attendance. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or email. For more information on Arbonne, visit their website at www.arbonne.ca

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