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Omar asked us to update our blog.

Here you go, Oms!

Hope you had a good vacay!

Winnipeg’s Best Coffee

Last week CBC Information Radio launched a contest to find WINNIPEG’S BEST COFFEE.

CBC listeners took to Facebook to nominate their faves, and WE were among them!! We were awed. Gobsmacked. Thrilled that not only did we come to mind when coffee is mentioned, but that people then took the time to submit our name. We were happy just to be included among the 25 independent shops that made the first list.

But it didn’t end there. The list was shortened to 16 for round 2, and Cafe D’Amour was still hanging around! CBC then had listeners vote, again, to narrow the list further. There were some pretty big names on there. Stella’s, Black Pearl, Espresso Junction, Ray & Jerry’s!

Voting lasted over the weekend, and the top 5 were announced on Monday!

You can imagine our excitement when at 7:15 Monday morning we see OUR NAME listed in the TOP 5!

As a result of being in the final five I have my first ever radio interview tomorrow morning, which will air on CBC information radio Thursday morning (I’ll try not to let my nerves get the better of me).  And on Friday CBC will crown the BEST COFFEE IN WINNIPEG!

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what happens after this point. We are still only  in our first 2 years of business and knowing that our hard work is being recognized by our customers, and by the community at large, is a great little motivator to keep doing what we’ve been doing.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support. If you keep coming by we will keep putting love in every cup…


Cafe Sign 2a

~ Althea


Lollapalooza – Year 3

At the start of this month Sharla, Althea, Hanna, and some non-cafedamourians took off to Chicago for the music festival extravaganza that is LOLLAPALOOZA!

lollapalooza_logo1This was our 3rd annual trip to Chicago, and I think we’re really starting to get into the swing of things down there. We stayed at a hotel directly across from the park, which cut 40 minutes out of our commute every day, and I think made a huge difference! We were even able to pop back to the hotel for a nap, or crackers, or even just to avoid the portapotties.

Sharla’s highlights include… the Puffs of Doom


 It was a cream puff with chocolate peanut butter ice cream draped in EVEN MORE CHOCOLATE! nom nom nom nom

Sharla was also excited about seeing NINE INCH NAILS, THE CURE, LANA DEL REY, TEGAN & SARAH, and MUMFORD AND SONS. DADA LIFE crushed it!

Althea was most excited to see EMELI SANDE, JESSIE WARE, BEN HOWARD, THE KILLERS, and ALEX CLARE –  who she didn’t even realize was performing until she, Sharla, and their friend Daniel showed up at the end of the set just in time to catch Althea’s favorite song of his. Crazy Lollapalooza timing!

Jessie Ware


Mad props to our customer Humphrey who suggested we see Shovels & Rope. They were an amazing husband and wife team who just owned every inch of the Redbull Stage!

To sum up – Lollapalooza was amazing, and while we’re all sad that it’s over we are all really excited to see what Lolla 2014 has in store.


To Button or Not To Button…

There’s a debate raging within the walls of Cafe D’Amour – it is a good idea to buy a button maker?

Sharla has wanted one for such a long time…. when she was 10 she asked her parents for a button maker instead of a pony*

The cheapest one we can find online is $381, but it does come with supplies to make 500 buttons…

<b>    1-1/4</b> inch Machine + <b>Punch</b> + <b>500 Buttons</b>

What do you think, Internet? Good idea or GREAT idea? You’d buy our custom buttons, right?

*That may not be entirely accurate

Mitten Making!

Tomorrow I’ll be joining a couple friends for a mitten-making workshop at the U of M.

I have no idea what I’m in store for, but I’m excited by the prospect of making something creative with my own two hands.

I have to rustle up some supplies before tomorrow, and I’m already daunted by the prospect of having to “felt” a sweater for use as fabric. Apparently it involves washing and drying a sweater on the hot setting, but never having done it I’m worried I’ll do something wrong and end up setting my dryer on fire.

I think this week has the potential for some good fun – I’ll keep you posted


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