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Opening in January 2012 on a little known strip of South Osborne, lined with shops, restaurants w/patios, cafes, bowling alley and even a theatre, Cafe D’Amour is nestled in between a bank and laundry mat. Sharla May and Althea, the two young entrepreneur women who founded this quaint “hole in the wall” cafe.

Ever notice how the BEST places you visit is a city when you are traveling are the ones dubbed hole in the wall by a local? It’s true! Hole in the wall is not negative, in fact, flip it 180 and know it is cozy, intimate and inviting.

These energetic ladies are ex-Starbucks Baristas with vision of community and culture. They had the knowledge, the experience and willingness to put it on the line to create an environment that fostered the human connection through interaction and generous smiles. They both go out of their way to ensure you feel at home and welcome.

The atmosphere is casual, with book shelves stocked with reading material and great selection of quality coffee and tea. Their pastry case is also a highlight, which compliments the wide selection of sandwiches they will prepare for you to order.

Cafe D’Amour – Charming the Neighbourhood

For anyone who works from home, you’ll understand this common predicament.

The home office is a blessing and a curse. You make a lot of your own hours and have a lot of freedom, for the most part.

But you may also have a toddler dominating even your designated work hours. Deadlines mean nothing when it’s time to play trains or tackle and roughhouse. At some point, when repeated deadlines are blown past, things get desperate.

That’s when a great neighbourhood coffee joint or café with free Wi-Fi is essential. So on a recent Tuesday, I fled my office and found exactly what I needed: Café D’Amour. Did I mention the free Wi-Fi?

This petite South Osborne café did the trick. A creamy and kicky latte delivered a much-needed jolt.

Café D’Amour was one of those little places that flew under my radar and then, one day I spotted it while driving by. The café opened in summer 2011 and is the work of Althea Howard and Sharla Lehmann. Turns out, lots of other locals have discovered this place. During my three-hour stay, a steady stream of folks came in, loaded up on espressos and headed out. Howard and Lehmann seemed to know all of them by name or at least by their beverage of choice.

While others came and went, other Café D’Amour regulars tapped and scrolled away on computers, sipping on coffees for hours.

The menu is an eclectic mix of soups, salads, sandwiches and baked goods. Daily specials and some menu items rotate daily so even if you spot something enticing on the menu, it may not be available. My first choice, a bruschetta chicken panini with goat cheese was on hiatus that day. I settled for chicken and Boursin in a warm, crusty baguette that was worthy of a first choice as well.

Chicken with Boursin on baguette at Café D'Amour

I hesitate in revealing Café D’Amour’s charms because when you find a great spot with yum yum food, a low buzz that doesn’t distract, and free, yes free Wi-Fi, you kind of don’t want to share it.

Café D’Amour, The New Coffee Shop in Town

Cafe D’Amour, a simple and relaxed coffee shop located on Osborne street, opened it’s doors on January 3d at 6:30am. Since then, the two young women who own the shop have been busy filling the needs of coffee lovers in the neighbourhood.

The story of this cafe is a charming one. The two women running the cafe have been in the coffee industry for years and have a wealth of experience. Eventually, they decided to work together to open their own coffee shop and have since been busy baking goodies and brewing fresh coffee. Thus, during the fall they renovated the empty shop on Osborne street and have now opened it’s doors

The cafe itself is very nice and cozy with lots of reading material and comfy places to sit. When my mother and I went in the women were both very kind and helpful in picking out our treats and drink and in the end, we decided to order an apple cider with whip cream and caramel sauce on top.

Wow. This drink was really good. With the whip cream and caramel, every sip made me feel like I was drinking an apple pie. So good. Then the treats we got were a nanaimo bar and a marshmallow square.

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